Larry D. Nisson I believe that Larry Nisson has very high emotional intelligence. This is a great asset for someone whose job it is to help others more effectively manage themselves and the important relationships in their lives.
Leaders can no
longer be just stellar strategists. They to be masters of their emotions. - Business Week 'CEO Coaches'


Larry D. Nisson

Larry Nisson is an executive coach and consultant to high performing individuals, helping them to function even more effectively. He assists them in maximizing their true strengths, skills, preferences and potential. He helps his clients remove any remaining barriers that might keep them from achieving optimal performance.

Larry consults with owners and executives from a wide range of organizations. His clients include businesses, public service agencies and non-profits. He has a great deal of experience with both Fortune 500 companies and with newer organizations looking to grow.

A Phi Beta Kappa from Miami University of Ohio, Larry received his graduate degree from the University of Michigan in 1974. Larry has many years of experience using systems theory and this allows him to integrate what is best for the individual and the organization in terms of reaching their full potential. He is also an expert at interpersonal communication and helps people have the difficult conversations that often are necessary to truly succeed in their careers. Larry has spent the past 30 years helping his clients achieve their desired goals.

Larry has been a successful real estate investor, owner, and manger of numerous properties for the past 30 years. He is the President of Ann Arbor Rental Homes and is a partner and senior advisor at Cabrio Real Estate Partners. Being actively involved in the day-to-day demands necessary to prosper in real estate enables Larry to bring a pragmatic approach to his coaching.

Larry is an accomplished artist and has worked with various forms of glass for the past twenty-eight years. He believes that his involvement in the artistic process helps his coaching because it fosters a sense of creativity that he can use to help find unique solutions for the challenges his clients face.