Larry D. Nisson I have known Larry Nisson for may years and believe he has a gift for seeing solutions other people can't see. His ability to quickly analyze and develop strategies to help people work through their barriers to success is invaluable.


Authentic Power in the Workplace & Beyond

Larry and Lucie Nisson's presentations help individuals, businesses, and other organizations reach their full potential. The Nissons' current offering is "Authentic Power in the Workplace & Beyond," which is available for interested groups. This talk/workshop can be divided into segments to fit the scheduling needs of each organization.

"Authentic Power in the Workplace" teaches concepts and behaviors that will help the audience do the following:

Hold themselves and others more accountable for their actions. Giving objective feedback is especially important for those who are in leadership and/or supervisory positions.
Increase performance by having behaviors be congruent with values so you don't waste energy fighting yourself
Learn how to lower peoples' "walls" so that you and others are more open to input
Improve teamwork skills

Studies have shown that the trait most valued by co-workers, supervisors, customers and others, is honesty. When someone is authentic and looks out for the good of their fellow workers and their organization as well as themselves, synergy develops. To see yourself as others really see you, rather than distorting your self-image, enables you to get out of your own way in achieving the outcomes you desire. Communicating more effectively, keeping your ego from controlling you, being willing to grow, getting outside your comfort zone and being open to feedback from others will result in dramatic improvement in achievement and satisfaction. Participants will also learn how to more effectively engage colleagues to work together as a team.

Larry and Lucie each have over 30 years experience in helping motivated individuals and groups to reach their goals. Their talks and workshops offer a unique and valuable opportunity for audiences to learn practical tools to enhance all areas of their lives.

The Nissons demonstrate the ideas they are teaching by role-plays that they perform. They find that as a result, their audiences are able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, thus gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and becoming more able to make real changes in their functioning. Discussion time and questions and answers will be encouraged as time permits.

Feel free to contact Larry and Lucie for more information and/or to set up a presentation for your group.